Mini Tennis Red

What age is Mini Tennis Red aimed at?
Mini Tennis Red is for players aged 8 & under.

What ball is used?
A red foam or felt ball is used which is 75% slower than a yellow ball.

What size court is red ball played on?
A court with dimensions of 11m x 5.5m or 12m x 6m.

What height is the net?
The net is at a height of 80cm (in the middle).

What racket is best to use?
A shorter racket of 43cm – 58 cm (17” – 23”)

Stage Description

At Red, slower balls, smaller courts and shorter rackets, enable players to play the game from the
first lesson. Players start to play fun, team-based matches, and develop good technique and use
realistic tactics.

Scoring Options

1 x tiebreak to 7 or 10
Best of 3 tie-breaks to 7
1 x short set to 4
Timed Matches

The Benefits

The Shorter and narrower courts, give your child the confidence and ability to cover the entire
court. Rackets are proportionate in length and weight and have grips for smaller hands, making
them easier to control. Tennis balls bounce at a height and speed that best fits your child’s
playing ability, enabling better and longer rallies.

Players are encouraged to play fun competitions in teams and as individuals, with short matches
using tie-break scoring.


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