Adult Programmes

We coach adults who haven’t hit a ball before in their life, through to those that have played to a
high standard for many years.
If you are new to tennis or haven’t played for a while we suggest that you join a ‘Matchpoint’
coaching programme and we will help you in the early stages of learning to play. For most, a six
week group programme taught by one of our Academy coaches should put you on the fast track
to success.

Session Types

We work on a pay and play basis which means you do not need to be a member you can simply
pay for your chosen tennis session.

  1. Pay & play (hire a court and play)
  2. Group coaching session
  3. Private coaching session

Can I get a good workout?
Tennis provides a great all-round workout, strengthening your core and toning your muscles.
The abdominal muscles and legs are involved in every stroke of the game. For the average
person, an hour of tennis will burn 493 calories!

Can tennis help my social life?
There is no more social game than tennis. It’s one of the few sports that men and women can
play together. Singles, married couples, friends, fathers & sons, mothers and daughters – there
is a place for everyone on the tennis court.

Game for Life
Whether you are five, fifty five or eighty five, tennis is the sport for you and better still, it is the
sport for life.

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