Rating and Ranking

A Rating is designed to reward you for competing, inspire you to develop your game and to help you become the best that you can be.

Whether you wish to find like minded and similar standard players or compete regularly in tournaments and events locally, nationally or internationally, here at Matchpoint we encourage the use of three distinctive indicating and assessment tools.

AEGON British Tennis Ratings

For players new to the game or just beginning their competitive journey a British Tennis Rating is the ideal starting point. In conjunction with British Tennis membership and our coaching team, attaining a rating will not only enable you to find similar standard players but will also give us the opportunity to create social, competitive and coaching opportunities here at Matchpoint. Full details are available at;


AEGON British Tennis Rankings

Players competing regularly in recognised LTA sanctioned events, both at junior and senior level will automatically receive a ranking to measure where you stand in your age group at both county and national levels. As with professional tennis, ranking points are earned based on the level of tournament and how far you progress in it. Full details are available at;


ITF International Tennis Number

Here at Matchpoint we recognise that tennis is one of the few truly global sports. Perhaps you regularly enjoy tennis holidays, would like to find a game during a business trip or plan on incorporating competition with foreign travel? With this in mind we are happy to conduct an ITN On Court Assessment. The results from this assessment will then allow you to be given an ITN (between 1-10) to easily match your abilities in recreational and competitive tennis overseas. Full details are available at;


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