What are Ratings for?

Mini Tennis is a great way for those children 10 and under to take their first steps in tennis. As well as being fun and exciting you will practise many of the same skills that the top pros work on every day.

Now, with Mini Tennis Ratings, you will get more chances to compete against players of a similar standard in competitions and you can easily measure your tennis ability so you can see how you are improving.

All rating changes from Red 4 to 8.2 happen on a daily basis once match results are recorded.  All players will move age group/ball colour in-line with the competition age group rules.

How do Competitive Age Groups Work?
All junior age groups, from 8 and under through to 18 and under, are aligned with the
competition seasons.
The competition season dates are:
Winter Season 1st September – 31st March
Summer Season 1st April – 31st August.
The competition age group a player competes in for the upcoming season is determined by their
age on the last date of that upcoming competition season.

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