Getting Started

1. You will need British Tennis Membership
In order to submit an application for any event or tournament players need to be registered with the Lawn Tennis Association’s British Tennis Membership Scheme.
It is easy to become a British Tennis Member and for Matchpoint Tennis Academy players it’s FREE! Simply click here and complete an online booking form or telephone their membership department on 020 8487 7000.

2. You will need a Lawn Tennis Association Rating

For most competitions an LTA rating is also required too. A rating is an approximate measure of a player’s standard and can change according to achievement (i.e. results from matches in official competitions). Your rating will be provided as part of your BTM membership.

3. You can apply to competitions through Tennis Services UK Limited

Once you have your British Tennis Membership number (and rating), you can then register with Tennis Services UK Limited and make applications for any of the events and competitions featured on their website (or

Should you have any queries relating to the above steps please contact Graeme Livingstone at Matchpoint Tennis Academy.  Graeme is able to guide you and help you compete in tournaments throughout the UK.

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