The Gym

Lifelines’ new look gym has been recently refurbished and is fitted with ‘TechnoGym’ equipment, brand leader in cardio-vascular and resistance machines.

Taking advantage of the stunning views Lifelines carefully considered gym is divided into six essential training areas, making it easy to maximise your workout and obtain your fitness goals!


1.  Cardio

Your heart is the centre of everything, with a stronger heart you can pump oxygen rich blood around your body faster, making it both easier to get fit and stay fit. Our comprehensive range of cardio fitness training equipment ensures that you have everything you need to give your heart and lungs a great workout.



2.  Fixed Strength

Fixed strength equipment focuses on specific muscle groups and provides an easy initiation into strength training. It is perfect for building isolated muscle strength and size in a safe way as the machine guides your movement. And, as muscle burns calories efficiently it is a key part of the workout.


3.  Cable Strength

Cable strength equipment is a great progression from fixed strength equipment, taking your training to the next level using multi-directional movement. It mimics the movement found in real situations and so works a wider muscle group.



 4.  Free Weights

Free weights enable muscles to contract through a fuller range of motion, giving an advanced muscle workout.



 5.  Flexibility

Stretching out before and after exercise is so important for flexibility and fitness, our dedicated area makes this easy to do.


 6.  Functional Zone

It is all about having the space to move. Whether you want to work your core, practice your footwork, or lung all the way to the door, our functional zone gives you the room to do your thing. It is also where our fitness professionals hold their classes.




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