What is Personal Training?

Personal Training is the ultimate fitness service.

Working on a one-to-one basis, your trainer will deliver an energetic, structured and personalized workout to those who wish to gain the most up to date information and expertise in exercise prescription.

Our personal trainers will analyze and record your performance and progress, whilst inspiring and motivating you to achieve your pre-determined goals.


Is personal training for me?

Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer:

  • Those who have previously lacked results from training
  • Newcomers to exercise through to elite sports persons
  • Those who need extra motivation
  • Those with hectic lifestyles and little time to train
  • Those who have reached a plateau in their training
  • Those with specific medical conditions or past/current injuries
  • So if you want to lose weight, look and feel better, train for something specific or just generally improve your fitness, Personal Training is here for you.


What is included?


During your initial consultation, personal trainers ill discuss your typical daily routine and an exercise that you may already be doing. Following your initial Induction at Lifeline, members will receive a 30 day check (or agreed check time), to ensure your programme is working for you!


This generally includes: weight, height and blood pressure measurements. BMI and Body Stat test, Body Fat %, Body Measurements, Flexibility and Strength testing.


After your fitness assessment, your personal trainer will talk about your individual goals and timeframe, discuss any barriers and set a realistic and structured training programme.

During your one-to-one sessions, we will motivate and guide you through your training programme, helping you to achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Please note; our Personal Training programmes are not standardised, the above information provides a guideline of the areas included in a session. Please feel free to ask our trainers if you have specifics you would like to establish – they are all extremely knowledgeable and keen to help build and motivate your individual fitness routine.


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